Health and Beauty Aid Manufacturer Greatly Increases Production with Bulk Bag Lifting Frames

A company in Binghamton, New York, whose product line includes hair and skin care products, can now bring in truckloads of bulk bags instead of truckloads of paper bags and sending them to the dump. This processing plant is the primary manufacturing facility, and while talcum powder was already in their product line, the decision to start making Baby Talc, and the fact that one of their competitors got out of the talcum powder business, created a surge in the business that over taxed the original production line. Attempts to increase production capacity fell short of the market requirements. They ordered all new bottling line filler equipment, which gave them the capacity to bottle, but could not keep up with the line as far as supplying finished product. The company contacted more than 10 bulk processing companies to help them design and install the equipment needed to blend and feed talc, bicarb and corn starch to meet required production rates. Most of the companies contacted were not able to engineer a system to fit within the limited space constraints imposed by the company. Many of the companies were not accommodating and were recommending bulk processing systems that were just too costly.

land-2Louis Jagel, Manager of Plant Engineering, needed someone who was willing to use the resources of all products available on the market and bring what was needed together to form the “processing system” the company required at a price they could afford. Jagel chose Ingredient Masters Inc., because they were willing to listen to the company’s problems. During the listening process, it was discovered that the problems were lack of space for most bulk processing systems and the manpower required to feed the system. Ingredient Masters also looked at local labor rates, disposal cost of paper bags, loss of product due to paper bag breakage, and insurance concerns for back and wrist injuries.

When they first recommended bulk bags, they were not available from the talc supplier. Ingredient Masters set up the supplier and worked with the company to find a bulk bag that would work with talc.

The processing system was made up of Ingredient Masters’ special bulk bag lifting frames that stationed the bags over their bulk bag dispensers that controlled the flow into a Scott continuous mixer where an injection system was installed to supply fragrance. After the mixing was completed, the finished product was dropped into a surge hopper to await transfer via a Hapman helix screw to the feed hopper above the bottling line in the next room.

This bulk processing system allowed the company to increase production from 20-75 bottles/minute, while reducing manpower requirements, eliminating paper bag trash hauled to the dump, and eliminating risk of a serious back injury from lifting numerous 50 lb. bags.